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Yerf Dog GX150 Spiderbox (3206) - My latest project

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 09:35

I picked up a buggy last year so I could give my kids rides around my property. It's the Yerf Dog GX150, model 3206, and was pretty banged up when I got it. Obviously it had taken a few tough hits over it's life. But the price was right, and I knew the kids would love it.

Right from the beginning it was a pain. It didn't run great, had to be jump started, rattled like crazy, and had the turning radius of a beached cargo ship. None the less, it was so much fun with the kids. Once buckled in, assuming I could keep it running, we would zip around the yard to the excited cheers of my kiddo passenger. Turns out I liked as much as they did. Good times.

Last fall I made an attempt at fixing the engine issues. I rebuilt the fuel system, cleaned the carburetor, did all the normal tweaks, but it still wouldn't stay running. At this point I started really inspecting the hardware for mechanical issues. The intake was cracked, wires were all grounding out, and CVT was obviously struggling. I decided it wasn't worth investing too much into this engine, so I started looking getting a new one. I wanted something with a little more power anyways, so it was a good excuse to upgrade.

I was at a crossroads. I couldn't justify replacing the engine because of the all the damage to the front end. But I couldn't justify fixing the front end without replacing the engine. The solution became obvious. Clearly I needed to tear it down to the bare components and rebuild it into a monster!

There are a few of these sorts of rebuild projects documented out there, and I've been thankful for the information people have posted. I figured I'd do the same. I'll be posting updates as I complete bits of the project.

Here is the before:


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