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Vending machine has issues… big time…

Tue, 08/18/2009 - 20:02

It’s Tuesday, and it’s like a million degrees out. All I wanted was something cold from the vending machine. I don’t ask much.

I walk out of my office and down the hall to the building’s community vending machines. I look at the selection of fluids and decide that some sort of cold energy drink would be totally sweet right now. So I reach into my wallet, take out my funds, deposit them into the machine… and click E9.

After a second or so, two of the little gates holding the bottles back clicked open and spew two cans of “Full Throttle” energy drink on to the little conveyor belt that carries the purchase to the shoot. I was like “whoa… jackpot!” and watched them drop into the opening that delivers the purchase to me.

Then, thinking that this must be some sort of special or something, I put in some more money and clicked the same set of buttons. To my surprise, it did it again. Two cans of energy drink fell down on to the conveyor belt and began to be delivered to me. But, there was a big problem this time. One of the previous cans had become lodged between the exit slot and one of the channels holding more drinks. As the little belt driven shelf came up, it ripped the can open and covered the inside of the machine with energy drink.

Can exploded in vending machine

Now, at this point there are three cans laying at the bottom of the inside of the machine, spilling all over, and nothing is happening. I didn’t have any more money to put in the machine to force them out. So, I ran back into the office and asked around if anyone had a dollar I could use to get my drinks out of the vending machine. I explained briefly how it just tore apart one of the cans of my previous transaction. Mel gave me a couple bucks and i went back outside, this time with a bunch of peeps who wanted to see the debris.

I put the money in, another can came out and the torn can just got lodged in a slot – dripping its contents all over the inside of the machine. The story does it no justice, it was all very hilarious.

That is my day thus far… I tell you, you can’t make this stuff up.

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