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Sony Playstation 3

Fri, 04/03/2009 - 20:11

Until recently, I thought I had a truly kick-ass home theater system setup. I mean honestly, it was freaking awesome. I was sporting a 50inch Hitachi LCD television, Denon high-power surround receiver, Definitive Technologies speakers and a ground-pounding subwoofer. The houses next to me hated it, but I loved it. It was expensive to build up, but not once did I regret the cost.

Well, I recently cashed out a Google Adsense account that I had been saving up and decided to get the final component I needed to complete my system – a Blue-ray player. I have high-def cable(1080i), but my DVDs were still old-school. It was time to step up, spend the money and get the best…

So, cash in hand, I headed to the local Best Buy. I had done a bunch of research and found a couple of models in the $250 to $350 range that had all the features I wanted. The only issue is, I’m a terrible shopper. Driving up there, I half expected to do what I always do – walk up and down the isle about a hundred times until I get frustrated and leave without buying anything. After all, I do this all the time when pondering any substantial purchase.

After looking at all the models, over… and over… I settled on what seemed like an unlikely product – the Sony PlayStation 3. I didn’t expect to buy a gaming system, but at the time it seemed like a no-brainer. I could purchase a standard (top notch) Blue-ray player, or for a little bit more (about $100) I could get a Blue-ray player bundled with a full-featured multimedia gaming system. Well duh, I went for it – I bought the PS3

Because it was a bit more than I expected to spend, I could buy the system but no media (movies or games) to go with it. It was a little frustrating, but I knew that in three months or so I would have all the movies and games i needed to enjoy the system. I just had to wait, and thus I brought it home and set it up.

Now, fast forward a week or so….

A friend of mine at work (has a ps3) , having heard that I got the PS3 but didn’t have any media yet, brought me in a couple of “Blue-ray” movies so I could see what it could do. I thanked him profusely and brought the movies home.


I just finally got the time to put in “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest” as my first stab at this “Blue-ray” technology, and to sum up:

Oh My Freaking God! What an incredible difference.

The Sony PlayStation Blue-ray player, tied into my Denon surround receiver via the fiber optics cable, plugged into my television with HDMI – is simply unbelievable. The audio is pristine, the video is perfect. I have ZERO regret about buying this machine. I feel like my home theater is complete!

I’m telling you, if you are looking at buying a Blue-ray player – get the Sony PlayStation 3. Not only is it a kick ass gaming system, but it is also a “top shelf” Blue-ray player.

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