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Shaun of the Dead, Absolutely Brilliant!

Tue, 03/24/2009 - 20:15

Ok, lets get a bunch of flesh eating gory dead people, pints of beer, guns and blood and wrap them all around an hour and forty minutes of British comedy. Hellz YEAH!

I absolutely loved this movie. The main character (Shaun) is a befuddled English guy who just can’t seem to get his life going in any real direction at all. His girlfriend, who may I add is incredible hot, is tired of spending every night in the same pub with Shaun and his half-evolved, filthy roommate Ed. She finally breaks it off, leaving him lost, hopeless, and drunk. Ed by the way, keeps telling Shaun that he’s better off without her, and that he should probably spend the rest of his life drinking in the Winchester (pub).

Here’s where things begin to kick ass. For some reason people all over England start dying and turning into flesh eating zombies. Shaun and Ed, who are spared the zombie sickness, are sent into this freeking awesome, zombie smashing adventure to save his ex, mom, and themselves.

Ironically after collecting the group of people from various locations, smashing some zombie brains, and being generally hilarious, Shaun decides the safest place to go is the last place his ex wants to go… the pub. Getting there is no cakewalk.

Shaun of the dead scene

I won’t give too much away, but the comedy and action never seems to let up. There are scenes in this movie that are both shocking and funny as hell. Shaun and Ed are simply brilliant as main characters. Shaun is trying so hard to keep himself in line and focused, while Ed is simply a disaster, often getting the group in more trouble then not. I must admit, I can’t decide which character is my favorite.

Shaun of the dead zombie

Shaun of the Dead is very close to the perfect movie. It has action, romance, comedy, and tons of zombies. If you like British comedy, watch this movie, you will be pleasantly surprised

Shaun of the Dead – 8.0

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