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Saw the President, got a Guinness sign, watched my cats… strange day!

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 20:03

What’s up today? Well, it started with some mega-thunderstorms that rolled through and dropped a beat-down on Portsmouth. Now it’s just hot and muggy.

I got a completely kick-ass neon Guinness sign for my house yesterday. Two of my office mates went over to help clean out the old building and claimed it for me. So, huge props to Mel and Bryan – I’m extremely pumped. It needs a new bulb, but who cares. To a big Guinness fan like myself, this thing is completely kick ass!

I saw the President today! He traveled to Portsmouth to do some sort of meeting at a local high school and landed at the Pease International Trade Port. I work on the trade port, and went down the road to see if I could catch a look at the motorcade as it went by. Well, not two minutes after parking and walking over to the side of the road it came by. How cool is that!? I saw the big Presidential limo and the big motorcade of SUVs and police cruisers drive by. It was sort of surreal. Not ten feet from me was the President of the United States. I felt, and still feel all patriotic.


I have band practice tonight. I have to drive nearly an hour each way. It’s not that bad. I always like to play, but just wish it was closer. We may head over to Milly’s afterward and play some acoustic stuff. We’ll see. I tore out one of those little hang-nails on my fret-hand ring finger, so it’s a little sore. I’m not sure how much extra playing I’ll be up for. I hear ya, cry me a river…

I’m pondering a day off to kick back and do nothing. Actually, I’m pondering going camping in Pawtuckaway this weekend. It’s the first weekend in over a month that I don’t have a million things to do. Camping is crazy-relaxing to me. I need a day to chill. I’m a little bit.. erm.. “stressed” these days.

I got my new webcam in last night and already stretched the levels of idiotic hilariousness that usually define my day in the office. I set it up at home, and I’ve been logging in to my home computer, firing up the webcam, and watching my cats wandering around my house. I feel like both a complete techno-junkie, and a complete dork… It was kinda cool though. I even have sound.

Not much else going on today. I have a meeting in 20mins that will take me through the rest of the day. Can’t you just feel my excitement? Whoa… that’s not my excitement.. ;)

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