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Playing a gig at Milly’s Tavern tonight…

Tue, 08/04/2009 - 20:07

Ok, day two of me trying to actually use this blog thing and I’m already wondering what the hell I can talk about…

The only real item of interest today is that my band (Building James) is playing tonight at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH. I’m actually really pumped about this show. We play around pretty regularly, but Milly’s is sort of our original “stomping grounds”. Every month or so we go back and tear the roof off that place. For those that are Building James “Milly’s Regulars”, you won’t want to miss this one – we have a little something special planned you all. ;)

Speaking of gigs, our last one was freaking hilarious. We played at a little hole in the woods in Londonderry called “The 1st Players Club” with the bluesy Joe Mazzari Band last Saturday. We’ve played with these guys before, and I really dig their vibe. The funny thing was that our band is a “power-pop” rock band – we didn’t exactly “fit the bill” sort of speak.

The show went well, and we tore it up, but overall it was pretty funny. There was no real house P.A. system to run through so I had to push my amp harder than I ever have in order to fill the room. Generally I run at about 5 and piggy-back into the house P.A., but to be loud enough at this gig I ran the damn amp at like 10. It held out, but got really, really hot. I’ve known for a bit that I need to get a new gigging amp, but this one (crate gfx212t) just keeps stepping up to the plate. After like 7 years and many shows, it owes me nothing.

I’m sure I will have all sorts of things to post about tomorrow, regarding the show tonight. I’m also hoping to get some more video from the show. Our unofficial fifth member (Jamie G) did this at our last show:

Even though I’m barely in the shot, huge props to JG for getting this put together! I do however wish you got Andrea (number 1 fan that night) in some of the shots – she was hilarious! Then again, so was Hatchet Face and Leather Hands (inside joke).

See you all at Milly’s tonight.. 8pm


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