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Pan’s Labyrinth – Surprisingly Badass

Wed, 04/01/2009 - 20:12

Ok, first off – I never rent movies. I think I’ve rented like three or four movies in the past four or five years. I usually get On-Demand titles from cable, but lately the selection has sucked, big time. The other night I decided to stop by the local movie place and see what they had. We walked around for like twenty minutes and finally settled on two videos – “Children of Men” and ” Pan’s Labyrinth”

I wanted to watch “Children of Men” because all the peeps at work said it was decent. We put that one in first. It was long and boring as hell in spots but the actions scenes where out of this world. The end battles scenes are incredible. It’s worth watching it just for the last like 30 minutes. I mean come on, blood on the camera? Hellz yeah!

hands with eyes

A couple nights later we popped in “Pan’s Labyrinth.” I was a little excited about this one because we have recently put together a pretty kickin theater and it looked like a good sci-fi fantasy “eye candy” movie that would be a pleasure in Dolby 5.1. I’m a huge home theater fan.

Neither of us knew a thing about this flick, but after watching all the previews and selecting the best audio options, we began the movie. I must say it was a little surprising when the talking began – in Spanish with subtitles. I don’t mind subtitles, but I was soo not expecting this movie to have them. After a “Shit, it’s got subtitles. Still want to watch it?” talk, we decided to give it a shot anyways.

Sliced cheek

About a half an hour into this film it became obvious that it was NOT what we expected. This movie is dark, violent, and gory. The killing scenes are as shocking as any I’ve seen. I expected a happy fantasy movie with a “Narnia” kind of feel, but this movie was more like the Sopranos meets Lord of the Rings.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie has its share of fantasy elements like monsters, fairies, and magic, but it also has some very REAL guerrilla warfare fighting and action scenes. I was very impressed by the way the movie integrates both worlds into one movie. Well done.

Guns drawn scene

It should also be noted that I am a HUGE movie critic. So much so that it bums people out when they ask to tell them what I thought of a movie. It’s not uncommon for these types of conversations to end badly with “Dood, it’s just a movie.”

Pans Faun

Bottom line; I loved this movie. I was so impressed that I gave it one of the highest ratings I’ve given a movie in ages. I gave it an 8.5 out of ten. Ten being perfect, one being horrid, and five being just a “normal” run of the mill Hollywood movie.

If you get the chance, watch this film. It has sub-titles, and some pretty gruesome scenes, but it is the most entertaining, shocking movie I have seen in ages! Let me know what you think!

Pan’s Labrythn – 8.5

Pans labrynth

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