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Nikon Coolpix P100 – Part Deux

Mon, 02/21/2011 - 19:24

I wanted to follow up on a post I made recently where I tried to find out what a non-photographer could do with a so-called “easy to use” point and click camera (Nikon Coolpix p100). The problem is, I feel like on my previous attempt I was trying too hard to fiddle with all the settings. This sort of negated my original goal of finding out how the camera performed in a real-world application.

I wanted to do another post, but only use the camera on the “auto” settings mode. This way, all my pictures could basically be reproduced by anyone using the camera – regardless of their ability to fine-tune the settings.

Over the past few weekends I’ve been taking my daughter out for drives in the morning (sometimes very early) when she wakes up. I figured I could get some pictures, and let my wife sleep for a bit. The pictures below are just a few from these drives.

All pictures were taken using the AUTO mode, with AUTO focus enabled. I did use the zoom. In fact, most of these are zoomed WAY in. I didn’t do anything to the pictures, aside from scaling them way down for use on the web. After all said and done, I think you’ll see that the Nikon Coolpix p100 is in fact a great product for the price. Even the complete amateur (me) can get somewhat decent pictures without need to tinker too much with the settings.

These two pics are of a turkey vulture in West Newbury. I was probably 80 – 100 feet away.

Turkey Vulture

Nikon P100 - Turkey Vulture flying

This guy was super cool. It’s a wild turkey that ran across the road in Byfield

Wild Turkey - great colors

I was just parked at the Salisbury Reservation and wanted to see how much detail I could get from maybe 20 feet away. Pretty good, I think.

P100 auto focus example

Nikon P100 depth field example

I got these while walking along the north jetty in Salisbury. Nothing crazy, it just caught my eye.

Nikon picture of shell at the beach

High light example using P100

Nikon P100 macro - semi blurry

Seagulls where flying around everywhere. Sorry guys, I don’t have any french fries.

Seagul closeup

This picture of the needle in the Merrimack was from pretty far away. I had the zoom nearly all the way in.

Salisbury toothpick

I included this picture because of the distance. I’m driving along Crane Kneck Beach road, and that’s Plum Island… across the water. Even when zoomed in that far, the quality is decent.

Plum Island Reservation from across the water

I took this very early from the last ocean parking lot at the Salisbury reservation. I like the colors.

Low light at dawn using auto settings - Nikon p100

Again, the reason this is included is becuase the zoom was fully extended. These geese were litteraly tiny specs. I can’t believe it got this much detail from so far away.

Example of the nikonp100 zoom

I stopped near the Parker River to take this picture. I like the colors.

Ducks in saltmarsh

I saw this coyote in Newbury, driving along the marsh. He ran off pretty quick, but I was able to take a few pictures before he dashed into the woods. I thought this was a good example of how quick the camera is to operate.

Coyote in west newbury - zoomed way in

Coyote running away - NikonP100 motion shot

This blue jay was near the lower artichoke, Newburyport. It’s nothing special, but I thought the color was good.

Auto-focus on Bluejay

Another example of zoom; this bird was tiny, and far away.

Semi-blurry auto-focus from far away using NikonP100

I really wish this came out with a little more focus. It was probably 50 or 60 feet away, but the focus just wouldn’t nail it down. I’m sure with a little “tinkering” I could have taken a crisper image.

Picture of a bees nest from far away using p100 high zoom


Holy crap! Those are amazing nature shots. That must be some camera, to focus in such precise detail. At first I thought I clicked onto the National Geographic site ; ) I saw a coyote in Amesbury down along the river, in broad daylight, right between 2 houses stalking the Canada geese. He was 10 feet from the road and totally unafraid! I thought it was a mangy dog until it turned and looked at me with those wild eyes. I had those 2 raccoons setting up house on my second-floor deck last summer. Never know what’s peering out from the bushes. The soaring bald eagles aren’t even exciting any more. Well, yeah they are.

Great pictures Pete. Really enjoyed all of them especially the coyote.

Hello, I think the clicks you have made are really good. Even I have a P100 camera and I find it really amazing. I constantly try finding out new ways to use this camera. I would like to learn from you more about the Nikon P100.

I have this same camera and I love the shots you took! Inspiring me to get some awesome nature shots! Thanks for posting

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