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Network games at the office… hell yes!

Thu, 08/06/2009 - 20:06

Dump this in the “it can’t hurt to ask” category…

I work in a fairly modern, laid back, technology-based based company. We are about 60 employees, most of which are technical staff (web dev, apps, creative, IT, etc..). Therefore, it’s not unnatural to assume that some of us (if not most) are gamers to some degree.

Well we just moved offices, as I’ve mentioned before, and seem to be launching new efforts to promote internal collaboration and inter-office communication. Well, I sent this long-winded email to our CEO asking if we can set up a network game to play after hours. I reasoned it would create some more energy in the office and help build relationships between teams.

I didn’t expect approval, we are pretty anal about what we do with the machines/software in the office. Well, turns out it can’t hurt to ask – he said go for it, just keep it on the low-down.

I’m pretty pumped, and have been organizing a crew to help me get this set up. I reckon there will be as many as 15 – 20 people playing at times. THAT is going to rule! Looks like Team Fortress 2 is going to be the game of choice. I’ll get pictures once we get started.

Other than that, it’s sort of a boring day. I have three days left to prepare for the 50 people coming to my house this weekend, and I don’t see how I can possible get everything done. I feel like I need to be home getting things ready, not sitting in this damn chair building websites. If the party goes off without a hitch, I’ll be amazed. Then again, if I don’t call the police on my drunk, white-trash neighbor – I’ll be equally amazed!

Quote of the day from the office:

Jamie G: “That’s why I don’t get dental work done, I’m going to let all my teeth fall out. I just had a seizure!”

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