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My attempt to finish a stone-wall basement

Tue, 01/01/2008 - 19:19

The time has come – we are looking at buying a half-house up the street from where we currently live. I don’t really want a condex, or condo, but I am tired of paying rent to someone else. Problem is, on our budget we can’t find a decent house in the area we want to live. Another issue I see with the condo thing is that it’s my goal to eventually build a jam room/recoding studio in my house. Having even one shared wall invites the embarrassing “knock on the wall,” asking me to be quiet. Paying all this money for your own place and not being able to jam seems to me outrageous.

So that said, we actually found a decent place with a huge unfinished basement. I’m thinking that I could possibly turn it into a music room/pub. It’s not perfect, but for a few years I should be happy.

I have one issue, the basement walls are stone, not block. A block foundation would be easier to finish, but from what I gather the stones need different treatment.

The footprint is one open room and is really pretty big (about 1300sq ft). There is a cement floor and it appears like there is little to no water damage anywhere. I want to frame up maybe three rooms – one big one to play in and two for laundry, storage or something. I reckon this is going to be a fun project and, coupled with other home-improvement projects, it should add a ton of value. I’m just not certain how I should approach it without spending a fortune.

  • Do I need to construct walls like ten inches off the foundation and add some kind of venting system behind the finished wall to keep the stones dry?
  • Do I just try and seal the foundation, paint it, and use it as the walls of the finished room?
  • Do I spray some type of “breathable” foam insulation on the wall and try to frame a wall as close to the stones as I can?

I’m still on the fence as far as what the best solution would be and need to talk to a few contractors before we settle on a final plan.

I think it has a lot of potential, if done right. I can see many a pint poured down there over the next few years. I’m shooting for the basement “pub” feel.

I will try and post more on this as it unfolds. As always, if anyone has done this or has any valuable input on the subject by all means post a comment and feel free to get involved.


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