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Milly’s show last night was great.

Wed, 08/05/2009 - 20:07

The show in Manchester last night was a great time, thanks to all that came out! I felt the energy on the stage was the best yet. Normally I just hide in the shadows and focus on my guitar lines, but for some reason I really got into it and ended up taking over a lot of the stage. Maybe it was because we had a decent sound guy and I didn’t get frustrated with the crappy stage sound that usually plagues our Milly’s sets. What ever the reason, I loved it.


Joe Satriani guitar with floyd rose

This was also the second show I played with my recently modified Ibanez JS100. The original bridge (TRS Trem II) was crap and all worn out so I invested in an “Original Floyd Rose” to replace it.

The cost was a bit high, including the setup by my guitar tech, but man does that thing play nice now. I love the feel. It didn’t lose tune at all, even after over an hour of bashing on it. Money well spent. The JS100 is now as good as new.

Today is a pretty boring day at the office work-wise, but at least we have some “severe thunderstorms” that may hit us later. I’m a little bit of a weather nut, but I try not to get too excited when we get these alerts becuase they rarely pan-out. I’ll just keep an eye out the window and hope for a decent thrashing. It’s like 90° out and it would certainly cool things down.

Today is also the third day in the new office, and I’m still not sold on it. I liked the old space. This new place just seems so impersonal. I understand the concept, and maybe it will grow on me, but for now it’s really just ‘meh.

Being also the third day of my “post something every day” marathon, I’m already really pushing it for content. However, it may be worth mentioning that I did play “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre in it’s entirety today for the first time in at least 7 – 8 years. That was totally awesome – thanks Jeff ;)


You’re totally welcome. Make that shit the chronic.

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