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Maudslay State Park, Newburyport Ma – Pictures from a morning hike

Mon, 05/26/2008 - 20:18

I lived in Newburyport for twenty years, and spent a good portion of my teenage years working on a farm in the north-end of town (Arrowhead). Having access to the farm was great because it abutted the 400′ish acre Maudslay State Park on like three sides, far at the back-end of the park – away from the main entrance and most of the foot traffic. This allowed my buddies and me to ride our bikes around the park almost every day, getting more and more familiar with the trail system from the inside out. In fact, I even used to drive hay rides in the park during the late 80′s and early 90′s.

I have a lot of history in the park, and a lot knowledge about the park itself. People have actually joked with me about giving tours around the park because I spit things out like “Hey, that’s the fairy garden,” or “If you look down here you will see the old well,” or “The Castle sat right on the hill here, you can see the steps over there,” and a bout hundred other interesting facts about the park. Well, at least interesting to me …

Anyways, I could rant about the park for hours.

Now I live in a town next to Newburyport and still try to wake up early when I can to walk in the park. I did that this morning for about an hour and grabbed a couple of pictures I wanted to post.

Standing on the dam

Maudslay Park pond

The waterfall at the dam

Dam in Maudslay

Walking along the pond, through the laurels

Maudslay Park pond

Looking through the laurels at the stone bridge by the pond

Looking up the pond at the Dam

Walking over the stone bridge

Rock bridge in Maudslay

The pond – downstream

View from the bridge in Maudslay

The pond – upstream (by the beaver dam)

Near the Beaver Dam

The back field – (near farm, and where old farmhouse was moved from)

Maudslay in the fog

The back field

Walking trails in Maudslay


Beautiful photos! I’m always pleased to hear of someone that is as intrigued with the place as I am. Back in the early 70′s iI took a photo of a gravestone with the inscription Araby. I believe it was one of their horses rather than one of the dogs. We have found the dogs graves, but have been unable to find Araby’s. It, too, was in the giant rhododendron area. I’d be interested to know if you have seen it recently.

Love the pictures. I made a short visit there about 10 years ago. I had just been reading The Moulton Annals and got curious. I remember seeing where the wooden castle had been and also an opening down the hill a little that might have been an old entry/gate area ? I’m a direct descendant of William Moulton who started the siversmith/goldsmith business back in around 1690. His father came to Newbury in 1637 and then moved to Hampton, across the river somewhere and continued working by Moulton Hill. I think that most of the park was once his property ? Have you ever seen Founders’ Park in Hampton ? The original 19 families that founded Hampton each have a large stone with their family name on it. Both his name of Moulton and his wife’s maiden name of Page are on two of the 19 stones. Thanks for the trip down memory lane … Bill Moulton (207)-650-0575

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