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Kickass Hard-Rock Songs (that everyone should own)

Mon, 03/16/2009 - 20:16

So I was listening to music at the office today, as I always do, when it occurred to me that my musical preference seems to be changing again. I like all styles of music, so it’s not like it’s a big deal. I mean on any given day I could listen to John Denver, and then pop on Metallica or Static-X, before ending the day on Tori Amos. Put it this way; there is probably material in my ITunes that you really like AND really hate. I dig it all.

Anyways, for like the past five months or so I seem to have been in a “mellow acoustic rock” phase. For example Jack Johnson, Howie Day, and Dave Matthews have been high on my play count. Now it looks like I’m leaning towards a little bit of a heavier style again. I’m not talking death metal or anything, just heavier rock like Seether, Ra, and Godsmack.

I’m not sure how these bands fell out of my daily spins, but there are certainly back with a vengeance. I wanted to write a quick post with what I consider…

Kick-ass hard rock songs that everyone should own:


Seether – Gasoline

I listened to this song once, and it instantly became one of my favorites. The over-driven guitars, driving basslines, and hard-hitting lyrics of this comparatively short (2:49) song are completely badass at high volumes. There is nothing over-technical about the arrangement, and nothing sparks “wow these guys are awesome musicians” comments from me, but this song is rocking.

Ra From One

Ra – Do You Call My Name

Ra’s first record “From One” is outstanding from beginning to end, but this song really jumps out as being the “if you had to pick one” track. First off, it’s catchy as hell. The guitar riffs are crazy-heavy but not overkill, and technically it’s a pretty impressive arrangement. I’ve found myself singing this in my head hours after I listen to it. Other “notable mention” tracks from the same record are Rectifier, Parole, and Fallen Rock Zone.


Godsmack – Moon Baby

This band has some killer tunes, but this one takes the cake for me. I like how tight the guitars are while Sully belts the “Let’s take a blast to the moon baby… now I’m craving you” verse. The songs builds into this over-driven, pounding jam that makes you inadvertently raise the volume. There is nothing to technical about the track; it’s just an awesome, awesome song.

cky shock and terror

CKY – Shock And Terror

Admittedly, this is a quirky song. I originally got into this band for the track “Escape from Hellview,” but found myself listening to this track more and more. The entire album is great, and it was hard to pick one, but “Shock and Terror” has one of coolest sounding guitar/bass lines I’ve head in a long time. You can’t help but nod your head to rhythm. Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild – Definitely one of my favorite records.

Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots – Crackerman

If there was a record dedicated to the best “driving songs,” this track would clearly be on it. It’s catchy as hell, has a great guitar line, and after like fifteen years, this cd is still in regular rotation with me. I’m sure there are other tunes that could be the best on the record, but “Cracker Man” is just awesome. I saw them play it live once and it came across incredible. Other notables include “Wicked Garden” and “Naked Sunday.” Break this record out, dust it off and play it – one of the best.


Ra is the best band. Period.

Good shit... if you're an infant... LOL - Dig into the Roots a bit and you'll welcome yourself to paradise.

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