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House party, white trash, tenders and beers… TGIF!

Fri, 08/07/2009 - 20:05

Ok couple things today…

First off – {insert name here}, stay out of my way. You are nothing but drunk white trash. We know, the police know, my lawyer knows, and you need to tread extremely lightly around me. You can’t win this, so don’t try or you will just look more stupid than you do already.

Second, I’m crazy nervous about this weekend’s baby shower at the house. I’m at least 80% sure I will be calling the police on the neighbor. In fact, I’m almost looking forward to it. Assuming things don’t go that way (and I’m sure they will), we have two days left to get everything together so the day goes well. The house is cleaning up, the back yard is all cleaned up, the fence is up and we are both doing everything we can to ensure everything is in place. 50 people in my house is going to be ludicrous.

But, the party is at most three hours baby! I need only last three hours. Then it will all be behind me. Ok, to be honest I’m sure it will go fine. I’m just overwhelmed with things that need to still be done. I’m usually pretty busy anyway with work, band, freelance and whatnot. Add this sort of thing into the mix and life tends to get a little crazy.

Had an awesome lunch today. There was a cookout in the courtyard behind the office, put on by another company in our building to welcome our company in. I didn’t go to it. I walked about a quarter mile to Paddy’s for buffalo tenders and a pint. I’m pretty stressed today and figured it would help. Aside from the cost, it did. Jamie G and I chilled in the sun and got served by the normal crew of *cough* hot */cough* waitstaff that we usually see. Good times. Filling and basically made me feel gross, but good times none the less.

Another fairly boring day in the office. Bryan is cranky, Mel is dull, and Jamie is just being Jamie. I just poured water all over him to try and get him to lighten up… to no avail. Now he’s just wet and cranky. Damn, sounds like a girl I dated in high school.

Today’s post is yet again another attempt at finding things to write about when literally it’s just another day. I’m not sure how many more of these boring, bullshit posts I have in me. I need some topics here.. ugh.

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