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“Hopelessly Lost” added to Radio Paradise listener review channel

Mon, 07/20/2009 - 20:08

Radio Paradise (internet radio station I really like) allows people to upload songs for consideration. If they get approved, they get added to the rotation. There are three steps in this process:

1 – The DJs give each submission a quick listen and decide if it’s even a possible match for their station. Most (they get hundreds a month) get a “sorry” at this step – meaning they declined the song.

2 – If the DJ approves the song, it gets added to list and played on a “listener review channel (LRC)” radio stream. Users rate the songs on this channel as either good or bad.

3 – Over a bit of time, if there are enough “good” ratings, the song gets added to rotation on the main Radio Paradise stream. Radio Paradise has a massive audience around the world.

The other day, after receiving a few compliments regarding some of my recordings, I said screw it and uploaded “Hopelessly Lost” for consideration.


It just got moved to the “reviewing” queue, meaning it passed the first step (DJ review, the tough one) and is being added to the listener review channel so people can rate it. If I get enough “good” ratings it will get moved to the main stream.

I’m both surprised and excited. I never really thought my personal music was that great to anyone else but me. I mean, after all I just write it for me. If the song gets past this final step, it could be a pretty big deal for me as a songwriter.

*fingers crossed

I’m going to be posting some other tracks on the recordings page once I get them tracked. Keep in mind these are mostly demo-takes and are still pretty rough at this point.

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