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Hiking New England (.com) - EOL

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 09:07

After looking at the traffic reports, and realizing the work needed to bring it up to date, I’ve decided to pull Hiking New England (.com) down indefinitely. Traffic has been dwindling for the past couple seasons, and there are a number of more-established sites out there that are more consistently updated. Hiking New England (.com) was launched like 8 years ago, and had some great runs of active users. Over time it became painfully apparent that I didn't have the time to support and enhance the site as it grew.

Technically speaking, the software running Hiking New England (.com) was surprisingly server-intensive, causing consistent monthly 'resource warnings' from my host. Each time I got one of these warnings, I'd look at the HNE traffic, see its dwindling, say "I'm going to work on that site," and never find the time to do so. This was a pattern for the past year. In order to free up those resources, it makes sense to just take the site down.

Thanks to the (few) users who posted content over the past couple years, and no-thanks to the relentless army of spam bots that absolutely hammered the site daily, crushing the server.

I'm saving the site's data of course, so who knows what will happen in the future.


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