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Green Day 21st Century Breakdown – Epic Win

Mon, 07/12/2010 - 19:55

If you’re a Green Day fan like me, you were probably a little hesitant to hear the new record “21st Century Breakdown”. I mean come on, the previous release “American Idiot” was such a monumentally awesome album – It seemed a tough act to follow. In fact, I’d almost say it was so good that I’d give the band a “get out of jail free card” for the follow-up record. Even if they had released “American Idiot 2 – Electric Boogaloo” I’d probably be ok with it.

Album Review: Well, I’ve had the new record “21st Century Breakdown” for a few days now, played it through in it’s entirety three times, and I just have to say…

Like American Idiot was, 21st Century Breakdown is different, melodic, catchy, and basically an awesome record!

I really, really dig this record more each time I play it. It’s not really a huge leap from American Idiot. In fact, I see it as sort of a sister record. One thing that stands out to me is that the songs seem very.. um.. mature for Green Day. The harmonies are awesome, the melodies are great, and I feel like the band reached out of their standard formula a little when writing it. I mean, I’m not saying the record is unlike any other Green Day album. That’s not the case. If I had never heard any of 21st Century Breakdown before, walked into a bar and heard another band covering one of the tunes, I would instantly know it was a Green Day song. But, the writing just seems a little more thought out.

Green Day

There is almost a 50s-pop sort of vibe that I get from some of this record. If you were to back off the distortion a bit and mellow the vocals a tad, some of these songs could just as well been sung by Buddy Holly! I love how Green Day is able to set that sort of vibe, yet give it a modern “edgy” overtone.

I’ve been a fan of Green Day since the early 90s. They always seem to deliver. 21st Century Breakdown is no exception. I almost wanted to not like it, I mean I was still digging American Idiot and was not ready to “shift gears” to another record. But, after a few spins I have to say: Buy this record… it’s completely kick ass.

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