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First coat of pain on the Spiderbox (Gx150)

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 10:18

I got the Yerf Dog buggy frame stripped down:

I did a lengthy pressure washing, moderate sanding, and removal all of the stickers and whatnot. I also replaced all of the bolts with new hardened steel locking washers/nuts.

First few coats of pain on (Burnished Amber):

I think I may go around with a welder and permanently tack the bits of the frame together. The new bolts are cranked way down, but I'd a bit more rigidity in the frame.

I order a tons of parts from BMI and Buggy Depot (BD). Most of them should be coming today.

  • few replacement bits such as chain guard, bushings, etc.
  • new front bulked - new a-arms (upper and lower)
  • stage three front/rear suspension (lift)
  • diamond plate body fenders
  • atv front hubs/wheels
  • HD ball joints
  • upgraded rack and pinion from BD
  • tie rod ends
  • HD spindles from BD

I tried to get the HD a-arms from BD, but there are in stock. I figured I'd buy the OEM replacement ones from BMI, then have them reinforced by BD. In fact I'm also sending my new front end bulked to them as well for reinforcing. I don't have a welder in my garage yet, so I'll let them handle it for now. Once the a-arms and front end is back, I'll paint and install the front end. At that point it should start coming together.

Now I'm shopping for an engine. I want something powerful, but like how the gy6 150cc feels. Maybe the bored out, 175 cc engine from BD is an option. It comes with various internal upgrades installed.

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