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Coyote in Maudslay State Park, Newburyport Ma

Wed, 04/15/2009 - 20:09

Twice this week I have been walking in Maudslay after work, and twice I’ve seen Coyote while on the trail. The first time was at a bit of a distance, but tonight I came head-to-head with two animals not 50 feet away. I was walking down a trail deep in the park that runs along the farm, near Castle Hill. I glanced down a side trail as I past and there they were – two Coyote were standing in the path, motionless and watching me.

I stopped, and slowly pulled my camera phone out of my pocket. After fumbling a bit I was able to get one shot, but the animals were running away. I know, it’s not a great shot. I’m going back tomorrow with a better camera. I’ve seen them twice and want to get a few decent shots, the camera phone just isn’t cutting it…

coyote in maudslay newburyport


Wow! You won’t find that in our swedish forests! Grizzlys, mooses, wolfs and wolverines we have, but not coyotes. You have to buy a zoom lens. :)

Totally fake. You can see the zipper. And, hey is that a wristwatch? Just kiddin, better luck next time.

I DEMAND a fight between a coyote and a wolf – NOW!

Looks like some furry thing walking on it’s hind legs. Art – it’s in the eye of the beholder………….

Be careful. In another month we will be into coyote mating season here in Ohio. They can be agressive during that time. VERY aggresive to those walking dogs. The was an instance in in SW Ohio when a pair of coyotes killed a dog on the end of the owner's leash.

We saw a coyote from Amesbury across the river from Maudslay walking on the icy river bank on Feb 11th 2015

I woke Wednesday morning at 2:30 am to, what sounded like a pack of dogs barking...I looked out my window and saw 2 coyotes clear as day feet away from my house. They were bigger than my 77lb husky...more like a wolf...I'm thinking it could have been a coyote wolf hybrid. We live on the trail, so I'm sure they were traveling the trail in a pack.

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