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Blue Angels – Airshow practice right over my head (litterally)

Fri, 08/27/2010 - 20:23

This is super cool. The Blue Angels are performing at an airshow this weekend in New Hampshire. Well, for the last couple of days they have been practicing right over my office. I don’t mean “near” my office – I work a third of a mile from the airstrip – they are directly overhead! I sat in the parking lot for a while and watched them doing all those signature stunts and crazy formations.

Blue Angels practice

Blue Angles flying low

Blue Angels flying in pairs

Blue Angels in formation flying overhead

Blue Angels practing for Portsmouth Air Show

Portsmouth air show - Blue Angels in a line

Blue Angels fying very low

Two of the blue angels flying right over my head

Practicing for Portsmouth air show - blue angels right over my office


I remember my dad, your grandfather, in full dress uniform taking the family to Hanscom Field to see the Blue Angels when I was 16. I don’t think I really appreciated my father’s military status, as a retired Air Force Colonel, untill I saw those young Blue Angel pilots scramble out of their jets and snap to attention, saluting, as he walked by. We got the full V.I.P cock pit inspection tour, met all the pilots and watched the amazing, aerial stunts from the grandstand. Sure wish I had appreciated the experience at the time but, like I said, I was 16 and way too cool to be impressed. I can still remember the sound as they flew over! Your photos bring it all back. Incredible.

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