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Amesbury Ma – life is good in the carriage town!

Thu, 04/02/2009 - 20:12

Living in New England is just awesome. The weather is never boring, the people are generally decent, and I love the fact that I can sip coffee on the beach in the morning, take a hike in White Mountains in the afternoon, and catch a movie in the city at night. New England rules. I’ve lived in the Amesbury, Newburyport area most of my life. Now that I’m married, with family on the way, it somehow seems “right” that I own a home here.

I took advantage of the spring weather today, and wandered around town for a couple hours after work. While walking, I got a renewed appreciation for all the cool things I have in walking distance. I took some pictures:

I started the night with a quick three miles on my bike. This shot is from the top of the big hill at Woodsom Farm:

Woodsome Farm

Then, after returning to the house to drop off the bike, I decided to walk downtown. Here are a couple pictures of the Powow River that runs through town. There are benches all around, and I sat on one for like twenty minutes and just took it all in. The constant roar of the waterfall was almost like therapy after a day in an office!

Downtown Amesbury

Downtown Amesbury waterfall

Walking in Amesbury

Powow River downtown Amesbury

After zoning out for a bit on the bench, I walked up to Lake Gardner. Lake Gardner has great fishing and doubles as a good place to put the kayaks in. It’s close…

Lake Gardner

Lake Gardner Dam

Walking home, I stopped to take a picture at Friend Street Park. One of the most popular “disc golf” courses in Massachusetts is located here.
Friend Street Park Amesbury

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