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Random Stuff

  • Milly’s show last night was great.
  • Maudslay State Park, Newburyport Ma – Pictures from a morning hike
  • Saw the President, got a Guinness sign, watched my cats… strange day!
  • Franklin Park Zoo – Review from a first time visitor
  • Memorial Day Camping – Tripoli Road, NH
  • Home network, backup solution – now I can sleep.
  • Moulton Castle – Newburyport, Maudslay Park
  • Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector - Real world, non-technical review
  • Make your own Ice Cream sandwhich day…
  • Using WordPress as a CMS – Posts & Pages
  • Possible 18th century New England card table??!?
  • Blue Angels – Airshow practice right over my head (litterally)
  • 1859 Lithograph – England and America – The Visit of Her Majesty Queen Victoria…
  • Vending machine has issues… big time…
  • Sunrise From Salisbury Reservation – March 02
  • PHISH – A Live One – One of the Best live records ever!
  • Tarry Ho Campground, Twin Mountain NH – Labor Day 07
  • Playing a gig at Milly’s Tavern tonight…
  • Track downloads with Google Analytics using jQuery
  • Hypothermia – As close as I’d like to get.
  • Shaun of the Dead, Absolutely Brilliant!
  • NASCAR Nationwide Series at NHIS – Best bang for your buck!
  • 2012 Blue Angels Practice at Pease Airforce Base - Portsmouth NH
  • Sony Playstation 3