Andrew P Watson

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Random Stuff

  • Mad River Tavern, Amesbury Ma
  • Pan’s Labyrinth – Surprisingly Badass
  • Kayaking the Powow River – Downtown Amesbury to the Merrimack River… and then some
  • Franklin Park Zoo – Review from a first time visitor
  • Indy car pulls up to Dunkin drive-thru?
  • 9 Firefighters die in "tornado of flames"
  • Home network, backup solution – now I can sleep.
  • My attempt to finish a stone-wall basement
  • Kickass Hard-Rock Songs (that everyone should own)
  • The Band Ra releases their long-awaited (studio) follow up to Duality – Black Sun.
  • Green Day 21st Century Breakdown – Epic Win
  • Moulton Castle – Newburyport, Maudslay Park
  • Hypothermia – As close as I’d like to get.
  • Yerf Dog GX150 - Quick rebuild update
  • Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector - Real world, non-technical review
  • Who needs all their tongue anyways? Uhg…
  • Nikon Coolpix P100 – Part Deux
  • Tarry Ho Campground, Twin Mountain NH – Labor Day 07
  • Ibanez JS100 – Joe Satriani signature series. Awesome guitar!
  • Network games at the office… hell yes!
  • Hiking New England (.com) - EOL
  • Yerf Dog GX150 Spiderbox (3206) - My latest project
  • Milly’s show last night was great.
  • Camping this weekend? Take a day off? Awe yeah!