Andrew P Watson

Web Developer

Web Design & Website Development

Andrew P Watson

Website Design and Development Projects

Specialties: Modular JavaScript development, Vanilla.js, JQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Ajax, Sass/CSS, Responsive Design, Drupal, WordPress, Demandware, UI/UX, SEO, PHP, LAMP, Ubuntu

I have extensive knowledge of modular JavaScript development, having personally designed and implemented UI for API-driven, large-scale SaaS Data Management Systems.

I leverage technologies such as jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap, Ajax, and Responsive Design to enhance user experience while ensuring browser compatibility and data integrity.

I Am

  • Front-end, U.I. Specialized
  • Demandware Developer
  • SEO Trained and Experienced
  • Well-Connected Within Industry

I Do

  • Semantic Web
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Optimization
  • Compliant Markup
  • JavaScript Web-app Development

I Use

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Demandware
  • jQuery / U.I. / Bootstrap
  • CSS / HTML5 / Sass


  • Andrew Watson has played a key role with several of my top clients managing day to day needs. Each of them have made it a point to share thier extreme satisfaction in their dealings with him. Andrew's positive attitude and responsiveness are key factors in the strength of the relationships he manages. Andrew is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to his work. He possesses the "let's get it done" attitude more commonly found in entrepeneurs than employees. I not only recommend Andrew I highly endorse him as a candidate for all positions and opportunities he feels confident in pursuining.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew where he did UI development work for Demandware internal and client projects. The first meeting that we had together it was obvious that Andrew is an expert in his field. He comes up with creative solutions for complex problems. I’ve always been impressed by his ability to deliver a finished product that looks and interacts just as it was required in the original design.

  • Andrew worked for me for 5+ years and he is by far one of the most reliable, capable, quality-driven, ambitious developers I've met.

    The job he did required a very unique blend of development and consulting skills as he worked directly with clients every day to define and deliver web solutions. It was also very fast-paced and there was always more work to do than we could get done. He did this job very well and he was also an excellent teammate and got along well with everyone on the team.

Industry Experience

Below are just some of the brands I've worked with over my career.

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Freelance Services

Having a professional, experienced developer manage your online presence is crucial for success, If your site was not coded properly, it will not perform well - regardless how it looks on your machine. Is your site being accurately indexed by search engines? Is it mobile-friendly? Is the content accessible? Don't trust your site to a hack.

Enhance your online presence

Having a basic website is a great start, but there are many ways to improve your visitor's experience and increase your return on investment.

  • Responsive Design. There is no denying it; the Internet is going mobile. Integrating Responsive Design into your templates will make your content viewable on various screen widths. You don't need a mobile website, just a website that works on mobile!
  • Blogs & Social Media. I can build you a comprehensive, modern blog with all the social tools to help your visitors stay connected with your content. You may also want to add links or widgets to your site so your visitors can "email to a friend" or "add to Facebook."
  • Forums & Discussion Boards can be installed on your website to allow visitors to interact and form a web community.
  • Website Statistics & Visitor Tracking can be installed to gather a detailed understanding of your visitors, search ranking, and page access. The more you know about your traffic, the better you can adjust your content to increase lead generation.
  • Custom Landing Pages & Lead-Generation Forms. For most businesses, the ultimate goal of a website is to create leads. Custom landing pages and dynamic forms can actually pre-qualify leads and send data directly to your email, database or Customer relationship management application (CRM).
  • Website Redesign or Refresh. Often minor changes to colors and link placement can greatly improve website performance.
  • Content Management System (CMS). I can take your website and re-build it within a CMS to allow for non web-savvy people to maintain the website content. Often clients want more control over the content of their websites. This will allow them to do so. Tools include WordPress and Drupal.

Website updates & maintenance

Whether a critical bug fix, simple content edit, or the implementation of dynamic lead-generation forms, I work and consult with clients to ensure I understand what they are trying to achieve. Often clients do not realize what options are available to them.

For your website to deliver results, don't launch it and forget it. Keep it current.

I often hear: "My site doesn't seem to perform well anymore... what gives?"

Once a website is developed and deployed, the code does not change unless updated. This may seem obvious, but I make the point because the technology used to view and share that site is constantly changing and evolving. A site that performed well two years ago may need to be updated to ensure the content is still compatible with today's standards and optimized for search engines.

Best practices for compatibility & performance

Modern websites have little in common with their static, brochure-style predecessors. I implement proper coding standards and semantics, current Search Engine Optimization practices, database integration, and many years of proven industry experience to produce websites and applications that are as eloquent as they are functional.

  • Search Engine Optimized naming and coding practices focused on making the site messaging search-friendly
  • Standards-Compliant Code ensures site is accessible to screen readers and text-only browsers
  • Organized Codebase cuts down on time involved in site maintenance and updates
  • Lead-Generation Landing Pages, forms, and CRM integration (Salesforce, Eloqua)
  • Mobile and Print Stylesheets ensures content displays correctly on various platforms
  • Analytics integration for reporting on site traffic and search activity
  • Content Management Systems allows non-technical people to update and manage website content

Get better search engine ranking

Getting your content ranked on the major Search Engines is critical. Not only do your pages need to be indexed, you need to be indexed based on your messaging.

I usually find that "designers," not "developers," build websites. The problem is that they lack the back-end code knowledge required to achieve deep search indexing. A website might look nice in a browser, but what do the Search Engine "crawlers" see? Always have a web developer build your site, even if a web designer design it.

I have industry training, and years of experience with SEO. I can audit your website, tweak the code, and make your current site as search-friendly as possible.

  • Complete META data can make a difference in how your pages are read by search bots.
  • Proper document outline and semantics can allow search engines to target your content and messaging.
  • Compliant markup ensures all your page data is accessible by the search engines. Not all code is made equal.