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1840 Phelps & Ensign’s Travellers Map

Wed, 08/17/2011 - 20:22

This map came out of the attic of a 19th century farmhouse. I personally found it, under a ton of other crap. It was under an eve, and probably not handled in decades. The quality is obviously not great, but the map itself is super-cool. I'm amazed at the details, and just how much the country has changed. This map still has Texas going up nearly the entire west coast.

old map

antique map

world travelers map

Phelps & Ensign Travellers Guide

Phelps & Ensign’s Travellers Guide - 2

Phelps & Ensign’s Travellers Guide - 3

authentic map

old map - 2

old map - 3

antique map - 2

antique map - 3

antique map - 4

view of antique map

old map of USA

1840 map

1840 antique map

1840 antique map - 2


The Mashpee, MA Historic Commission has one of these maps in much better condition. do you know how many there are and what their value is?

The Old Memories. precious one.

we have a 1841 map like this one

I paid $ 1650. For one of these maps Ten years ago
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<p>The condition is poor, but I&#39;ve still seen similar maps for $3200. I just have it hanging on the wall in my basement. I dig it.</p>

Thanks I am a Phelps descendant will share with my Phelps group!

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